Regardless of whether we are dealing with an individual, a family, small business owner, or corporation; our initial meeting is always built around the discovery process. This is the time to determine the broad financial facts of the engagement, but most critically the identification of goals. Additionally, we will address any specific questions about who we are, what we do, our strategic partners, or anything else about us.

From this initial discovery meeting, we will put together a customized client engagement proposal that will lay out exactly what services we will offer, the fee for those services, the time necessary to complete the engagement, and other descriptions of how we will deliver the services. Because of the numerous and often unique needs and goals of our clients, we will mix and match the most appropriate service and fee structure for each engagement.

Most of our clientele engage us for ongoing investment management services. We provide these services under an asset based fee on the portfolio managed. If the portfolio rises in value, then our dollar fee increases accordingly. If the portfolio falls in value, then our dollar fee also declines. While this is not a “performance” fee, it does align our interests with our client’s interests creating what we believe to be the best way to be compensated for investment services.

Because of certain complexities, some of our clients engage us for ongoing planning services. Often times project type planning is not enough to deliver the desired results over a period of time. Therefore, in these situations we will work under an annual retainer to deliver these ongoing, comprehensive services.